Jared Ingersoll

Restaurateur, writer, and TV presenter


“My involvement with the Dilmah Chefs and the Teamaker programme proved to be inspiring, motivating and wonderfully delicious! Being given the opportunity to experience beautiful Sri Lanka and its warm, friendly people was wonderful; to enjoy it in the company of 9 incredibly talented and creative chefs lifted it to a new level!

I arrived in Sri Lanka with some knowledge of Dilmah and tea. What I learned over those 10 full days was that Dilmah was a company with such incredible focus and determination to produce the most delicious tea possible. It was heart warming to see the holistic practices and philosophy that encompass people and the environment that is embraced by the Fernando family. With my food I often talk about the importance of what happens outside the plate I present to my customers – it was remarkable to see the work that Dilmah does outside the cup.

The highlights for me were being absorbed in the countryside watching sunrise and sunset, swapping stories and ideas with some very clever chefs, learning the tea making process, walking amongst the bushes, spending time talking with Dilhan in trying to understand the heady aroma of some of the finest teas produced, seeing first-hand the environmental and social good, and the heartfelt embrace and welcoming of the Fernando and Dilmah family.

I have been very proud to tell my story to anyone that will listen since returning to Australia.”

One of Australia’s leading chefs, restaurateurs, writers, and TV presenters, Jared has spent nearly three decades putting the spotlight on the importance of delicious, local, seasonal and sustainable food.

His award-winning restaurants Dank St Depot and Cotton Duck restaurant in Surry Hills hold testament to his uncompromising commitment in supporting small, passionate growers, fishers and farmers. His restaurant Dank Street Depot had numerous and consistently good reviews and articles including a mention in Vogue Living as a must-see destination when visiting New South Wales. Before going out on his own in 2002, Jared was head chef at Bayswater Brasserie, after working in London at Mezzo (So-Ho), Hillaire (South Kensington) and the two Michelin starred The Square (Mayfair).

He’s a columnist and a regular contributor for many industry based publications and a published author of three award-winning cookbooks. A sought after speaker and an advisor on sustainable food he has represented Slow Food Australia at Terra Madre in Italy. Supporting education is a passion and Jared has worked with the Nature Conservation Council on their sustainable seafood projects and with

Greenpeace Asia Pacific GM Free launching the Chefs Charter at Dank Street Depot in 2008 and the True Food Kids Guide 2011.

After 27 years in the kitchen and running multiple venues, Jared is now pursuing projects that inspire. As a restaurateur who has fundamentally changed the fine dining landscape, he is looking forward to changing the way we eat – outside of the restaurant.