Recipe by Chef Alan Orreal
Created for Dilmah Chefs & the Teamaker at Independence Square, Colombo in May 2014

Serves: 6

2 pieces black skin spring chicken (650g each)
2.5 litre chicken stock
6 small young coconuts, fully peeled
Chong cao
Dang gui
Yu zhu
Gou qi zi
Bei qi
Cinnamon quills
8g black pepper
3g salt
3g Dilmah Silver Jubilee Gourmet Mint, Ginger and Honey Tea
600ml water (or Oolong tea)


Place Chinese herbs in the pot with the stock and simmer for 10 minutes.
Add in the chicken and simmer for 90 minutes.
Drain coconuts and set aside.
Add in white fungus.
Add coconut water to soup.
Brew tea and add to soup.
Adjust the seasoning.
Fill coconuts with soup and chicken and steam for 15 minutes.