1 Portion


• Tea Plunger
• Tea cup and Saucer
• Tea Spoon
• Sauce pan
• Strainer
• Ladle


• 1 teaspoon Dilmah Yata Watte Tea
• 30ml Milk
• 10g Ginger
• 5g Green Cardamom
• 1 no. Cinnamon Sticks
• 180ml Hot water

Boil the milk with Ginger, Green Cardamom and
few Cinnamon Sticks in a sauce pan. Strain and
pour around 30ml in the tea cup. Put a tea spoon
full of Yata Watte Tea in the plunger and pour
enough hot water to fill one tea cup. Stir the tea
nicely. Close the plunger and serve it along with
the tea cup with milk.

Type of Glass – Tea cup and Saucer and Plunger

Garnish – Cinnamon Stick to Stir