• Dilmah Exceptional Lively Lime and Orange
• 300g white chocolate
• 300g Philadelphia natural cheese
• 1 fresh pineapple
• 100g fresh basil
• 100g coco flakes
• 100g Macadamia nuts
• 100g butter
• 5 egg yolks
• 100g palm sugar

Brew the tea strong and chill it. Mix the cheese, 5 egg yolks, sugar, and chocolate in a bowl on a pot with water. Delicately mix with a spoon to liquid form – do not let it get too hot. Boil the coco flakes for 30 seconds, separate from water and add to cheese. Gently add the chilled, strong tea to the mixture. Use small bowls or coffee cups to bake the cheesecake. Brush with butter and make the crust with crunched macadamia. Add the mixture to the bowls and bake in oven for 25 minutes at 180°C. Cut the pineapple for a big square, add whole basil leaves and serve together with the ready cheese cake.