4 Portions
Smoked Salmon
• 125ml Dilmah Vanilla Ceylon Brewed Tea
• 5g Fresh Dilmah Vanilla Ceylon Tea
• 200g Fresh Salmon
• 1 teaspoon Lime Juice
• Pinch of Crushed Pepper
• Pinch of Paprika

Marinate the Salmon in the tea mixture. Mix all
the ingredients and season the Salmon overnight.
Smoke the fish. Add brewed tea leaves to smoke
the fish.

Smoked Salmon Pavé
• 6 slices Dilmah Vanilla Tea Smoked Seer Salmon (Refer recipe)
• 4g Fresh Chives
• 4 boats Avocado
• 4 slices Sun dried Tomato
• 4 tablespoons Ikura Vanilla Cream (refer
• 1 teaspoon Mayonnaise
• Edible flowers and chives for garnish

Chop 2 slices of smoked Salmon and mix in the
chives and mayonnaise. Keep ¼ of the chopped
smoked Salmon on each slice of Salmon and fold
like a bundle. Marinate avocado with lime juice,
salt and olive oil. Place the seer pavé on avocado
and sundried tomato.

Vanilla Ikura Cream
• 50g Onion
• 50g Fennel buds
• 250ml Fish stock
• 250ml Fresh cream
• 2 nos. Bay leaves
• 250ml White wine
• 2 tablespoons Ikura

Add chopped onion & sliced fennel in white wine.
Fresh cream, fish stock & white wine reduced to
half separately. Combine reduced 03 liquids and
again reduce to half, split the vanilla pod, drop in
to mixture and boil. Add ikura, adjust seasoning.