• Mixture of Dilmah Green Tea with Jasmine
Petals, Dilmah Pure Green Tea and Dilmah
Premium Ceylon Tea (2 tea bags each)
• 100-150g J-tiger baby Abalone
• Cumin, fennel and coriander seeds
• 2 Tomatoes
• 30-50g Squid ink
• Spring onion
• Organic pink garlic
• Vermicelli (1 egg : 100g flour)
• Olive oil
• Salt

Method of Preparation
Remove Abalone from shell and trim off waste. Pat
dry and lightly loosen Abalone with the back of
your knife to soften the muscle.
Skin, quarter and remove seeds from two ripe
tomatoes, these should be smoked with the
Abalone and removed. Season to form a rough

Split the tea bags and mix with the assorted seeds
to form a smoking mix.

To make the vermicelli use a basic pasta recipe of
1 egg per 100g of plain flour using slightly more
flour to compensate for approximately 30g-50g of
squid ink plus a few drops of olive oil. Mix to form
a stiff dough and rest for an hour.

Work the dough through a pasta machine until
smooth and approximately 2mm thick, cut
through vermicelli setting and hang on floured
wooden spoon until ready for cooking. Bring
water to boil with salt and oil and cook pasta for 2
minutes, drain and refresh with cold water. Strain
and dry well. Add a pinch of oil and form into
small portions and cover.

To smoke the abalone and tomato place foil
onto a flat grill. Add the smoking mix and place
the abalone and tomato on a wire rack over the
flat grill and fully cover with a metal bowl or
gastronome. You only need to slightly infuse the
tea smoke into the abalone which takes only a few
minutes, or until smoking mix is golden but not

To plate
Place a small amount of warm smoked tomato on
plate. Steam a portion of vermicelli and place on
top of tomato.
Slice Abalone and quickly sear in hot pan with
butter, fine sliced shallots and garlic, place on top
of vermicelli and pour