Dilmah Exceptional Valley of Kings Ceylon Pekoe Tea (3 tea bags infused overnight in 1 cup of white wine)
Fresh Tasmanian scallops
150g Ricotta
250g Baby spinach
Onion, garlic, lemon zest, fresh herbs
Basic pasta dough (1 egg: 100g flour)
150g hard salted butter (chopped)

Method of Preparation
To make the rotolo, roll out the pasta dough until smooth and 1-2mm thick or until you can see your hand through the dough. Cut into lengths of approximately 15cm long and cook in boiling water with oil and salt for 2 minutes. Refresh with cold water, drain and place on a sheet of cling wrap and cover. It should resemble a cooked thin version of a lasagna sheet.

To make the rotolo filling, sauté finely chopped onion, garlic, fresh herbs, lemon zest with a generous amount of butter. Cook until onions are soft and avoid too much colour. Cool mixture. Blanch baby spinach, refresh and squeeze out all liquid. Chop spinach and add to onion mixture, also add the ricotta at the same time.

Spread mixture evenly over two thirds of the pasta sheet and roll up to approximately 5cm in diameter. Roll and cover with cling wrap.

To prepare the beurre blanc, remove the tea from white wine and add a small squeeze of lemon and reduce the mixture by three quarter in a small stainless pan. Whisk in chopped butter to form a velvety, orange in colour batter.

To plate
Cut rotolo into 7cm length and place upright and steam until hot, then place in the center of a plate. Sear cleaned scallops and small sage leaves in a very hot pan for a minute. Place scallops and sage on top of the rotolo and spoon over beurre blanc and serve.