Somerset Tea Infused Couscous and Lobster, Butter Poached John Dory, Shaved Abalone and Young Turnips


Couscous and Lobster Parcel

3 tea bags Dilmah Watte Single Estate – Somerset Estate Pekoe
500ml Fish stock
1 Lobster (600g)
100ml Dry White Wine
300ml pouring Cream
300g Israeli Couscous (Moghrabieh)
6 large Butter Lettuce leaves (blanched)

Method of Preparation
Remove the meat from the lobster and dice. Roast off the lobster head, when nicely coloured deglaze with wine and reduce. Infuse the tea in the stock for 3-5 minutes remove the bags and add the stock and reduce the liquid by a third. Pour the stock into a new saucepan, add the cream and reduce the liquid by a third. Add the couscous and cook until tender. Leave to cool completely. Mix the lobster and couscous together, season and mix.

Lay out six sheets of cling film, spread the butter lettuce on top of each and divide the mix evenly between the six sheets. Wrap up tightly and steam for 6 minutes when ready to serve.


Butter Poached John Dory

3 large sides John Dory (skin removed, portioned into 6)
250g unsalted Butter
100ml Fish stock
Lemon juice

Method of Preparation
Warm the stock and monté in the butter and then the lemon juice. Mix in a stick blender to stabilize and add the mixture back into a pan large enough for the dory to cover the bottom in one layer. Season the dory and poach in the butter mix


Clam and Abalone Sauce

300g baby Clams (purged)
100ml Nolly Prat
100ml Dry White Wine
2 Cocktail Abalone (sliced finely)
3 Baby Leeks (cut into circles)
18 young Turnips (peeled and blanched till tender)

Method of Preparation
Steam the clams in the wine and Nolly Prat until they open. Remove the clams and reduce the liquid by half. Remove the clam meat from the shell, and add it to the liquor with leeks, abalone and young turnips.

Make a circle of sauce around the outside of the plate and arrange the garnish in the sauce. Place the couscous and lobster parcel at the centre and drape the fish over the top.