Semifreddo of Italian Almond Tea

• 1dl strong Dilmah t-Series Italian Almond Tea
• 5 eggs
• 4dl of cream
• 120g sugar syrup

Beat egg yolks, tea and sugar syrup on the stove as a sabayon. Afterwards beat cold on ice. Fold then half beaten cream together with stiffly beaten egg white. Pour into pots and put away in the freezer.

White Chocolate Toffee

• 15g Dilmah Cinnamon Spice Tea
• 100g cream
• 100g sugar
• 100g white chocolate
• 100g butter

Prepare a caramel with the sugar, quench with the cream and let it cook. Add the chocolate, butter and tea and let it thicken. Put it in the fridge.

Crumble Belgian Cinnamon Cookies

• 75g butter (room temperature)
• 120g flour
• 50g almonds
• 100g of brown sugar
• 2 teaspoons of cinnamon powder

Mix by hand all ingredients and put little parts of dough on the oven plate. Bake them till crusty at 180°C.