• 2 teaspoons Dilmah t-Series Ceylon Young Hyson Green Tea
• 1 loin tuna 400g
• 100g chilli salt
• 2 pomello segmented and all pith removed
• 200g piece of pork belly with skin on
• Black pepper caramel
• Shiso leaf to garnish
Pork belly
Steam pork belly for 30 minutes. Whilst the belly
is still hot lightly score the skin, then rub salt into
the score marks. Place the belly on foil, folding
the side up to the skin, leaving the skin uncovered.
Place into a deep tray; add water until the belly is
half submerged and roast for 30 minutes at 240
degrees or until the skin is crisp and crackling.
Once cooked, cut the crackling away from the
belly and scrape off any remaining fat. Cut into
strips and set aside. Slice the belly into 1cm slices
and keep warm till ready to use

Coat the tuna loin in chilli salt and tea and sear
evenly all the rounds in a hot pan with oil. Leave to
cool then slice 1cm thick pieces.
Assemble the dish with layers of pork belly,
pomello and tuna, finish with black pepper
caramel. Garnish with Shiso leaves and crackling.