• 4g Dilmah Exceptional Valley of Kings Ceylon
• 600g Celeriac (peeled and chopped)
• 500ml Milk
• 1l Water
• 80g Butter
• 80ml Cream
• 500ml Veal Juice
• 100g Venison Trimmings (roasted)
• 2 cloves of Garlic
• 2 Shallots (sliced)
• 2 Juniper Berries
• 1 piece of Orange zest
• 1 sprig of Thyme
• 20ml Extra Virgin Olive oil
• 6 Venison Loin Steaks (120g each)
• Salt and Pepper
• 90g Broad beans (blanched and skinned)
• 3 poached Pears (cut in half).

Method of Preparation
Bring milk, water and salt to the boil in a heavy
based pot. Add celeriac and cook for 20 minutes
until soft. Drain and blend in a food processor. Set

In a heavy based pot, place shallots, garlic and
cloves and cook for 2 minutes. Add veal juice,
venison trimmings, juniper berries, orange zest,
thyme and bring to a simmer. Cook for a further 1
hour, strain and set aside.

In a heavy based pan on high heat, seal and season
the venison loins in 10ml of olive oil until well
coloured, approximately 4-5 minutes. Remove
from pan and rest in a warm place.

In a small pot, add 100ml water, 20g butter and
bring to simmer. Add broad beans and then
remove after 1 minute.

In a heavy based pan, sauté the pears in 10ml of
olive oil until well coloured, remove and set aside.
Reheat celeriac puree adding 60g butter and 80ml
cream. Season to taste.

Reheat venison jus and infuse with 4g of Valley
of Kings Ceylon Pekoe for 3 minutes. Strain and
keep hot.

To plate
Divide celeriac evenly between 6 plates, slice pear
in three and place around celeriac. Carve venison
and lay over celeriac. Scatter broad