• 4 nos. (1 about 70g) Sea Scallops
• 15ml Lemon juice
• Salt to taste
• 100ml Oil
• 5gm Cinnamon powder

Marinate the scallops with salt, pepper and lemon juice , sprinkle some cinnamon powder and pan fry till it is cooked.

Valley of Kings Ceylon Pekoe Jelly

• 400ml Water
• 8g Dilmah Exceptional Valley of Kings Ceylon Pekoe leaf tea
• 4.5 teaspoons Gelatine powder
• 2 teaspoons Elder flower cordial
• 2 nos. Lime (for zest)
• 1 no. Red Radish

Heat the water up to 80 degrees and pour onto the tea leaves. Cover and steep for 7 minutes. Strain and discard the leaves, dissolve the gelatine powder in warm tea. Cool the mixture, add in the elder flower cordial. Pour the mixture in a shallow dish so the height is only 2mm. Refrigerate and set for 2 hours.

Garnish – Grated red radish