4 Portions

• 2 nos. Baby Lobster (40 g each)
• 3g Tea Spice Mixture (refer recipe)
• 10g Corn Flour
• 1 no. Egg
• 40g Tomato Marmalade (refer recipe)
• 1 teaspoon Fresh Butter
• Salt to taste
• 5g Diced Onions
• 10g Bell Pepper
• 3 nos Garlic

Season the baby lobster with egg and corn flour
and deep fry. Melt butter in a pan and sautée the
onions, garlic, bell pepper and tea spice mixture
and season. Add the lobster and toss.

Tea Spice Mixture
• 3g Dilmah t-Series Galle District OP1 Tea
• 5g Cajun Powder

Mix well.

Natural Ceylon Ginger Tea & Tomato Jam
• 5g Dilmah Ginger & Honey Tea Powder
• 60g Fresh Tomato
• 50g Sugar
• 3ml Vinegar
• 50ml Water
• 5g Caramelised Ginger
• Pinch of Chilli Powder

Brew the tea in water and strain.
Mix all ingredients and slow cook to a thick