• 4 breasts of duckling
• 3 big carrots
• 2 big waxy potatoes
• 50g salted cashew nuts
• 30g salted lard
• 1 bay leaf
• Honey
• Coconut
• Chinese anise
• Seeds of coriander
• Sugar from java
• Garlic
• Butter
• Gravy from the duck (or from poultry)
• Onion

Crunch of Cashew Nuts and Salted Lard

Bake garlic, sugar and grated coconut, add grated
Chinese anise and seeds of coriander and make it
colour in a wok. At the end, add the split, salted
cashew nuts and baked slices of lard. Make the
mixture dry in the oven and crush.

Cream of Carrots

Cook the carrots and mix them to cream in a
blender while adding butter and seasoning with
salt and tandoori spices.

Candied Potato

Chop the potato into slices of 1cm and cut little
slices of them by using a cylinder. Let them cook
in a bouillon with bay leaf, thyme, lard and salt.
Add a bit of butter at the end.

Roasted Duck Fillet

Bake the breast of ducklings and season with salt
and pepper. Make the gravy of duck reduce and
at the end have the tea soaked in it. Finish with
honey and season with pepper and salt. Grill some
onions to decorate.