• Dilmah t-Series Natural Ceylon Ginger Tea
• 500g sea bass fillet
• 3 oranges
• 100g gin
• 3 lemons
• 50g sesame seeds
• 200g 36% fat cream
• 100g olive oil
• Salt, pepper to taste
• Gelatine or algin to gell
• 100g Wakame dried

Clean fillet of fish and cut to slices of regular and thin 3mm. Cut segments from oranges. The wakame – boil for 10 minutes and keep to cool and cut thinly. The algin – just heat for a moment and let boil in 50ml water. When it is cool, add orange segments, sesame and wakame. Beat the cream well and at the end mix with strong ginger tea. Combine on the plate.

Garnish – Nori well shaved, fresh coriander