• 500ml Dilmah Ran Watte tea
• 4 tea bags Dilmah t-Series Galle District OP 1
• Dilmah Moroccan Mint Green Tea
• 1.5kg fresh fish fillets
• 100g flour
• 200g potatoes
• 4 tomatoes
• 2 teaspoons curry paste
• 2 eggs
• 1 orange
• 500g couscous
• Parsley, Lemon leaf (finely chopped)
• Lime
• Coriander
• Olive oil
• Clams
• Butter
• Prosecco wine to afblues

Fish Cakes
Cook the potatoes in water with salt and dry and finely mash. Steam the fillets of fish in water for 4 minutes, add the Galle tea and drain in a sieve and mash. Add the mashed fish to the mashed potatoes with curry paste , finely shredded lemon leaf, parsley and flour. Add an egg and knead into ball shaped pieces.

Fish Fillets
Season fish fillets with salt and pepper and pan sear in heated oil on both sides for 2 minutes. Add to mixing bowl and make slivers of fish, gently coat the slivers in egg mixture and pan fry.

Infuse the Moroccan Mint Green tea in bouillon, add orange juice to infuse and add the couscous until cooked. Chop the tomatoes, without seeds into small cubes, add the lime juice, chopped coriander and parsley, for the service add olive oil and butter for the right consistency.

In a hot pan add garlic and shallots until translucent. Add the thoroughly washed clams and steam with white wine. Add the Ran Watte tea and infuse for ¾ minutes. Remove tea bags and let the clams open in the pan. Add chopped parsley, salt and pepper. Serve cold.

Garnish – Lemon