• 4 spoons Dilmah Earl Grey Tea
• 4 spoons Dilmah t-Series Italian Almond Tea
• 4 spoons Dilmah Vanilla Tea
• 250ml Cream
• 125ml milk
• 75g Fair trade sugar
• 3st egg yolk
• Brown sugar to brulée

• 4 pieces Bergamot fruit
• Ahoorn syrup
• Vanilla pods
• Lime

Bring the cream to a simmer with the teas individually and strain. Beat the egg yolk with the sugar in a machine for 3 minutes. Add the composition to the egg yolk. Pour into the serving containers. Cook au Bain Marie until desired
pudding consistency and allow to chill.

Compote of Bergamot
Bergamot fruit peeled without skin, with the Earl Grey syrup and Vanilla water blanch and for a zest
add the lime for finishing touches.

Garnish – Banana leaves to decorate the plate