1 Portion


• Sauce Pan

• Tea pot

• Jug

• Teaspoon

• Strainer

• Muslin Cloth

• Muddler

• 1 teaspoon Dilmah t-Series The First Ceylon Souchong
• 10g Ginger
• 200ml Hot Water
• Ice for chilling
• 5g Tamarind
• 5g Mint
• 1 no. Lemon
• 1 no. fresh tea leaf


Soak the Tamarind and take out the pulp. Crush some ginger along with the tamarind pulp in the muddler. Prepare the Souchong tea. Put some ice in the muddler and pour the tea over it. Strain in a jug and serve it chilled.

Type of Glass

Sherry Glass

Garnish –Lemon wedge and Fresh Tea leaf