• 10 spoons Dilmah Exceptional Italian Almond Tea
• 6 teaspoons Dilmah Green Tea with Jasmine Petals
• 500g Soft or creamy local goat’s cheese
• 5 spoons roasted Almonds
• 10 Phylo dough leaves
• 2 Locally produced bio honey
• 50ml White balsamic vinegar
• ½ spoon Mustard
• 150ml Olive oil
• 100g Italian spinach

Combine the goat’s cheese with the honey and the (chopped, roasted) almonds to make a filling. Make a bonbon with the mixture and wrap in the phylo dough, gently brush with olive oil until evenly coated. Roast the almonds until golden brown and finely chop. Wash the spinach thoroughly. Paneer the bon bons into the roasted almonds and the tea.

Dressing of Green Tea with Jasmine Flowers Gently bring the balsamic vinegar to simmering point with the Green Tea with Jasmine Flowers and allow this to extract the flavour of the tea. Once cooled add the mustard, honey , vinegar and oil to make a basic vinaigrette.

Garnish – Salad of spinach and julienne sliced red paprika