• Dilmah t-Series Natural Rosehip and Hibiscus
• 100g red beet
• 100g peeled potatoes
• 100g green celery
• 100g beef
• 100g duck or goose bones
• Salt, pepper
• 3 spoon fresh or dried rose flakes
• 100g butter
• 100g 36% fat cream

Prepare bouillon of beef, bones and vegetables for 3 hours minimum on slow flame. Boil the beetroot separately. Once it is soft, peel and leave on a side. When the bouillon is ready, leave just in stock potatoes and celery. Blend with the beetroot and when almost cold blend with butter and spices. At the end add cream, strong tea and rose flakes. Do not blend with rose flakes. Put in the freezer and every 20 minutes mix lightly. When ready serve in martini glass.

Garnish – Fresh rose flakes and thinly shaved
beetroot flakes