• 100ml strong Dilmah Yata Watte Tea
• 1500g tenderloin
• 200g blue cheese
• 300g green celery
• 300g green asparagus
• 100g balsamic cream
• 200g olive oil
• 30g fresh rosemary
• 300g fresh strawberry
• 300g jasmine rice
• 100g butter
• Salt and pepper

Cut the tenderloin into 200g steaks. Fry non salted steaks to medium rare. Empty pan of steaks but keep the beef juice and add the shallots, and after 5 minutes, around 100g of the tea. Add balsamic cream, salt and pepper and reduce to cream sauce form. Cut 4cm sticks of Asparagus and some celery. Fry the celery and asparagus in butter for around 3 minutes and add salt and pepper. Make a salad of strawberry, olive oil and rosemary. Boil the Jasmine rice. Assemble in a delicate presentation.

Garnish – Sauce and strawberry salad