1 Portion

• 1 teaspoon Dilmah t-Series Natural Rosehip with Hibiscus

• 200g Fresh Mangoes

• 80g Castor Sugar

• 180ml Milk

• 1 Lemon

• 1 no. Betel Leaves

• 20g Red Rose Petals


Aam Papad
Take out the puree of the mango. Put it in a
saucepan to reduce. Add equal quantity of the
castor sugar. Once the sugar is boiled to a two
thread consistency, take the mixture out and pour
it in a tray with silicon mat. Dry it out on a low
heat for extra moisture.

Reduce the milk and castor sugar in a sauce
pan, stirring it continuously. Add few drops of
lemon juice to coagulate the milk protein and
discard the whey by passing it through a muslin

Cut a 2.5 inch thick and 5 inch long strip of
transfer sheet and transfer the Aam Papad on that.
Fold the transfer sheet into a tear drop and fill it
with Kalakand.

Garnish – Rolled Betel leaf, Gulkand and Rosehip
and Hibiscus Tea