The first day on the road the team heads out to Rilhena Estate famous for its low-grown tea where Chef Jared Ingersoll from Australia will cook with Dilmah Single Region Tea Selection.

Updated 9.30pm, 13th May 2014

The chefs on tour headed out of Colombo to the Sabaragamuwa Province which is as famous for its low grown tea as it is for its precious gem stones. The Rilhena Estate is a gem in itself with the beautiful greenery that is unique to tea growing regions of Sri Lanka. It lies about 500m above sea level and is a three and a half hours drive from the city of Colombo where the chefs were staying overnight. The region is also home to Dilmah Single Region Earl Grey which yields a full, aromatic brew.

While the team toured the Rilhena Estate and its factory premises, where they were greeted by a colourful pageant of dancers, drummers and children who adorned the guests with garlands fashioned out of fresh tea leaves, Chef Jared Ingersoll who travelled all the way from Australia set to work turning out a perfect dish of kangaroo which is technically the oldest recipe available on the preparation of kangaroo meat. Jared’s day started with the break of dawn by rigging up a makeshift spit. He used cinnamon wood sourced from the estate to roast duck marinated in tea infused brine.

After lunch the team headed to the cinnamon peeling facility nearby and on to the Endane Estate. A rather tedious uphill climb and the setting sun brought the chefs to the campsite where they would get the chance to wind down, recover from jet-lag and get to know each other better.