Executive Chef HSBC Mexico


“I think that simplicity has great power, and simplicity is what inspires my style of cooking. Discovering that tea is used as an ingredient for creating new dishes, it gave me a new and different perspective, and opened my mind to innovation.

The balance in a menu is very important for me, and the tea gives that balance between flavours, nutrition and sensations.

My trip to Sri Lanka, meant a trip to the world of tea. It allowed me to share my thoughts and ideas with other chefs from different parts of the world and in the end we realised that we share the same passion, which means that we speak the same language.

This experience also gave me the opportunity to understand the importance of involving the community as well as focusing on sustainable production which represents a commitment to the earth.

Dilmah is tradition and vanguard at the same time which is a very difficult balance to achieve. The Dilmah family is an example of hard work and success, and now I feel part of this big family.”

“With a 15-year career that took her from a family-run restaurant to designing the menus for top boutique hotels, she has earned respect in a mostly male-run field with her fresh approach to traditional dishes that have been served on Mexican tables and street corners for generations.”

– Reuters Life! (www.reuters.com)

Born in Mexico City, Lula studied at Institution Management in ESDAI and had her professional start in 1995, when she opened her first restaurant. She was the Executive Chef for Grupo Habita, the most famous boutique hotel chain in Mexico and is currently Executive Chef for HSBC in Mexico where she is involved in many social projects as well as those focusing on sustainability. She is also a participating partner of ROCA restaurant and Nico & Lula catering company and a regular consultant for restaurants in creating menus, staff training and openings. Currently she’s involved in a new project for Restaurante Carbo?n, located in Mercado Roma.

She authored the book series Essential Cuisines and “Lulachef Mexico Contempo”, for which she was awarded The Best Woman Chef Cookbook in Mexico and placed third at the French Gourmand Awards. She has run events in support of many foundations like Ojos Que Sienten for the visually impaired, ASIA ONLUS Foundation and Tarahumara Jose A. Llaguno, to support children’s education in many regions, La Casa de la Sal for children living with HIV, Cine?polis Foundation for the blind, and Charity Coalition. In November 2013, she was one of the participants in Chefs al rescate, an initiative to fund victims of hurricanes Ingrid and Manuel in the Guerrero coast.