The Netherlands

Gastronaut, founder and co-owner of Culiversum and Jeroen van Oijen is a well-known chef and entrepreneur in The Netherlands.  He strives to create a worldwide knowledge and inspiration platform for professional chefs, a passion born of his conviction that chefs can change the way people eat and create a more sustainable eating pattern.

To this end, he and his business partner IngeMeijs created and launched, the first online idea generator that helps professional chefs to speed up their creative process as a means to cope with challenges in gastronomy and food culture. Prior to this Jeroen started Culiversum – an idea generator and think-tank for the food industry. His Culinary Toolbook is due to be published in English in early 2015.

Jeroen holds a specialized chefs degree with 4 management diplomas and is a graduated SVH teacher. He also graduated in creative thinking techniques at COCD (Belgium) and De Bono. With 15 years of experience in gastronomy& catering and 8 years in marketing and product development his creative approach to cooking is refreshing.  He is a guest lecturer at 5 culinary institutes, the famous Design Academy Eindhoven and the study Food, Design&Innovation in The Netherlands.