10 world-renowned chefs will travel to Sri Lanka this May for the 3rd Chefs & the Teamaker programme created by Dilmah. They will tour Sri Lanka exploring the myriad different terroirs of the Sri Lankan tea country, discovering the amazing versatility of Ceylon tea and its place as an essential ingredient in modern gastronomy.

Dilmah’s passion for tea and innovation has propelled them to educate, inspire and support culinary and mixology professionals in their exploration of tea as an herb that goes beyond a mere cuppa. Apart from being the world’s first producer owned tea and the world’s first ethical tea, they are also the first to genuinely explore the true potential of tea within the realm gastronomy and mixology.

The Chefs & the Teamaker is a one of a kind tea culinary adventure that test the limits of tea as an ingredient and the creativity of the chefs as they travel to some of the most beautiful and remote places in the country and cook with tea. Proving that good tea and good food bring together the best of the people, this year’s programme features some of the best chefs from all four corners of the world. They will bring to the table their culinary prowess, inventive thinking and their passion for exceptional food.  The programme starts on the 12th May and continues until the 21st.

Get to know the chefs who will be joining us on this tea culinary adventure.