The team of chefs on tour met a very special group of children on the 5th day on tour when they visited the Subhagya School for the Hearing and Visually Impaired Children in Kubukkana, Monaragala. They spent the better part of the day chatting, laughing and playing cricket with these special little ones. The guests were served a traditional lunch on lotus leaves which are commonly used as plates by locals when they eat out of doors.  After lunch they headed out to meet Dharmadasa, who under the Small Entrepreneur Programme funded and run by the Merrill J. Fernando Charitable Foundation, produces papadam – a thin, crisp disc-shaped Indian food made of seasoned dough. Dharme’s successful business has given him confidence and provided employment opportunities for some of the villagers.

Chefs and the Teamaker is a tea culinary adventure that is designed to give a its participants a new perspective on tea, gastronomy and culinary creativity as well to inspire them to experiment with new ingredients. It is true that inspiration comes in all forms and sizes and sometimes far away from your carefully constructed thinking spaces.